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Fabulous Food

Fresh ingredients that are low on calorie, unique recipes that are secret, and unparalleled cuisine skills that serves the best to your platter.

Tantalizing Taste

Tinkering your taste buds with rare spices & aroma to savor - you will always have a dining experience to cherish, share and enthrall others.

Suave Service

Immaculately dressed & rigorously trained staffs always strive to offer you top-notch service that combines fast delivery & impeccable etiquette.

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Most sought-after dishes

At GOLDFISH Sushi & Grill, chefs work relentlessly to mesmerize food lovers with the widest variety of exquisite menus. Our customers love to treat themselves with their favorite dishes, and every single time we do our job with utmost care. Just to inform you, these are some ‘most frequently ordered’ signature dishes for which we enjoy widespread reputation:

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Chicken Teriyaki
$9.00  teriyaki chicken

Grilled / pan-fried chicken teriyaki lacquered in a shiny sweet soy sauce glaze.

Shrimp Plate
$9.00  shrimp plate

Thawed / Cooked Shrimp mildly fried with butter, cream cheese &chilly sauce.

Chow Mein Noodles
$9.00  Chowmein

Fried noodles with steamed or stir-fried vegetables, chicken, shrimp, etc.

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