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About Us

Jakim and Pungram took over Ku's sushi n change the name to Goldfish sushi. At Goldfish sushi, we have adopted a modest philosophy like we Treat guests with intimacy & serve great food and cuisines with an ever increasing sense of expectation and excellence. We have 16 years experience making sushi and bring you authentic Japanese sushi.

Since our inception in the Restaurant and Eatery industry, we nurture to commit a suave and generous essence of hospitality and warmth for every visitor who walks in our doors. Our space is not only limited to enjoy a great supper, but also to hook up with mates, make new friends, conclude business or professional deals, and rejoice a grand family rendezvous.

That is why we are eyeing at becoming one of the reputed eateries in our proximities with a countless number of patrons anticipated.

GOLDFISH Sushi & Grill is a fabulous and persuasive place for availability of various kinds of contemporary Continental, Japanese delicacies with tantalizing tastes and aroma, in an intimate and sophisticated setting. Our experienced and skillful chefs are viable enough to satisfy your urge for good and tasty food. They have expertise in a plethora of cuisine recipes, consistency and garnishing each and every dish with impeccability.

We are one of renowned and authenticate sushi chefs

1. Jakim

2. Pungram

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